Post Secondary

Pine Creek First Nation (PCFN) Post-Secondary Student Services Department provides assistance to as many eligible students as the limited budget will allow. PCFN Post-Secondary Student Services acts in an administrative and advisory capacity in providing support services and direction for students.

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Congratulations to Pine Creek First Nation’s formation of the Education Advisory Committee!!!

Chairperson: Dawn Rosteski

Co-Chair: Gloria Welburn

Members are: Dawn Rosteski, Gloria Welburn, Irene Mayo, Terri McIntosh, Charlene Flatfoot, Louis Chartrand, Darlene Mekish, George Munro, Cathrine Flatfoot, Kathleen Flatfoot.

If you would like to add your name to the waiting list to sit on the Education Advisory Committee, please submit an application or resume to either Paulette Lavallee, Felicia Sutherland, Shawn Brass or Counsellor Cindy Campbell-McKay and you will be added to the waiting list.

On behalf of Chief and Council, Councillor Cindy Campbell-Mckay says, “awesome job and a great start team! I want to acknowledge the hard work and deep commitment and passion you all share  in making sure and presenting the information needed for a smooth transition into accountability and transparency within our portfolio area and nation.  As Portfolio Councillor for Post Secondary and Employment & Training  Programs – I look forward to working with you in a mutually respectful manner and honour on behalf of our membership, while utilizing the 7 teachings as our guiding principles; Awesome work!”

Congratulations to the 2015 Post-Secondary Graduates

Vanessa Klyne – Baccalaureate of Nursing, Univertisty of Manitoba

Jeremy McKay – Bachelor of Commerce (Honors), University of Manitoba

Melanie Richard – Bachelor of Social Work, University of Manitoba

Paula Richard – Communty Health Representative – Yellowquill College

Renee Marcellais and Danita Richard – Practical Nursing – Parkland College ( ACC )

Angie Moosetail – Early Childhood Educator – Parkland College ( ACC )

Stephanie Chartrand – Early Childhood Educator – Parkland College ( ACC )

Shayne Sutherland – Facilities Basic Maintenance – UCN Thompson

Marley Simpson – Early Childhood Educator Level 3 – Parkland College ( ACC )

Arthur McKay – Building Design Technology – Red River College


Brodielyn Geekie – M.A.S

Dean Parenteau – M.A.S

Marti Mckay – M.A.S

Morgan Nepinak – M.A.S

Peyton McKay – M.A.S

Donovan Sutherland – M.A.S

Shenise Pelletier- M.A.S

Tyson Thompson – M.A.S

Wynona Guiboche – Winnipegosis Collegiate

Cassie Moosetail – Winnipegosis Collegitate

Cindy Parenteau – Winnipegosis Collegiate

Melanie Richard – Winnipegosis Collegiate

Sunni Richard – Winnipegosis Collegiate

Ariel Welburn – Winnipegosis Collegiate

Everett Welburn – Winnipegosis Collegiate

Kayla Dawn Gambler – Parkland Campus (ACC)

Derek Moosetail Jr – Parkland Campus (ACC)

Charley Flatfoot – Parkland Campus (ACC)

Teddy Catcheway – Parkland Campus (ACC)

Fawn McKay – Parkland Campus (ACC)

Preston Nepinak – Parkland Campus (ACC)

Brian Kematch – Parkland Campus (ACC)

Bartley Scott- Louis Riel Institute

Chione Pless – Vail Academy & High School – Tucson Arizona

Harley Guiboche – Cranberry Portage

Jennifer Neapew – Empower Education Center – Powerview

Darcy Neapew – Ecole Powerview School

Trent Nepinak – Crocus Plains – Brandon

Austin Hitchens – Dauphin Regional Comprehensive Secondary School

Jerry Lee Flett- Dauphin Regional Comprehensive Secondary School

Hailey McKay – Garden City Collegiate

Brenda Marcellais – Campreville Adult Ed Center

Chantelle Gambler – Camperville Adullt Ed Center

Nicole Lagimodiere- Interdivional Student Services

Rylee Nepinak – St.Johns High School

Dillion Strocen – Swan Valley Regional Secondary School


ERVIN CHARTRAND – Post-Secondary student at University of Winnipeg, short films.

Memoir of a Broken Soul