Pine Creek First Nation Housing Department

Mission Statement

The Housing Committee will work in partnership and cooperation with Chief and Council and the community members to provide safe and affordable housing choices on reserve to all Pine Creek First Nation members; and to operate the on-reserve housing program, through the fair application of housing policies.

The First Nation Housing Cooperative is the organized voice of the First Nation members.  The mission is to inspire, represent, and serve the First Nation membership in a united cooperative housing movement.  The Housing Cooperative conducts business according to the Tribal cultural principals.  The Cooperative offers leadership, vision, and excellence in member service.  The Cooperative value cooperation, transparency, and integrity in all that we do.

Vision Statement

Pine Creek First Nation is a culturally diverse community with affordable community housing that promotes a safe and healthy environment.  Community members depend on each other to contribute to the organization and the life of the housing cooperative.  Pine Creek First Nation balances the need of the community with the needs of each individual.  The First Nation maintains a strong community and a responsible relationship with the larger community by using cooperative principals and be effectively resolving conflicts.  The First Nation treats each other with kindness and respect.


The purpose of the Pine Creek First Nation Housing Department is to consolidate the essential aspects of all housing related procedures into one reference source to facilitate the management of Pine Creek First Nation Housing for the Housing Committee, Chief and Council, and most importantly the members.

Contact Info:

Anita Richard
Housing Finance

Priscilla Mckay
Housing Clerk